BE Addventure Transformation Links

Multiple Species

Transformation Tubes (major selection)
Transformation Tubes and Costumes (major selection)
Femme Furs (major selection)
Costume Shop (major selection)
Scott Pleads Guilty (major selection)
The start of Hill House
Demonic Poker
Rick gets the Reality Pen
Lucky Strike
Alternate Evolution
Fabulous Furry Factory
Story of Richard, a Furry Fan
Blackco makes Sharron Exotic
Jim and Sharon become Furry Ambassadors
Rick plays with Automorph
The Transformation Room
DNA Mixer
Lindsay's Birthday Present
Ranma's Shampoo Alternate Curses
Automorph with lots of weird stuff
Ranma plays with Akane
Kasumi the Housepet
The Furry Ring
Jim Transforms a Furry Convention with Nannites
Jim is Transformed into his favorite animal by a Kitsune
Rick is wearing an Odd Costume
Female Animal Skins
Sharon the Perfect Love Machine
Lindsay surprises Richard
Scott and Debbie find Costumes
All women are part animal
Happi PC: messing with Ranma
Brenda transforms
Wishing Wand
Energy changes...
Amazon Orgy
Rebecca becomes a fantasy girl
Akane gets Bizzare
Dr. Etchi and Nabiki
Cathy at the Asteroid Transformation Lab
Richard becomes whatever he touches
Jim and Petal the Pixie
The start of another Automorph
Your mother changes you
Mara makes special girls for her Brothel
Belldandy becomes a Furry
Transformation Gun
Fantasy Weapons
Dream Changes
Anna is changed into a mythical creature
Choices for Judy
Shannon in Wunderland
Transforming Condom
A new form every morning in a Magic House
Transformative Mall
Photo resculpting machine
Slave Morph69's Transformation
Candace becomes Rick's Fantasy
Joy's Mundane Life (suuuure)
Jim becomes a Busty Fem
Jim has fun with Wishes
Wish Stalemate
Witchcraft Gone Wild!
Jim alters the Evolutionary Base
So much for Mind Reading
Internet costume shop
Pictures on the wall
Jasmine finds a beast medallion
Transformation Gun
New Day for Dana
Spring of the Drowned Furry
Jenny with Wishing Power
Pet Punishments
Wigs with ears
Transform or Dare
Jim in Greek Mythology
More Transforming and Daring
Yet More Transforming or Daring
Hermione Changed
Rick grabs a Transforming Fursuit
Salve of Transformation
Sexual Godling
Ranma Furries
Ranma and the Botched Cure
Nabiki Furry
Yet more Ranma Furries
Jim's a Dad?
More Wandy Goodness
DNA Resequencing Experiment
Dream Denial
The UBELisk
Salve of Transformation: Lisa's Tail
More Transformation Salve
More Anime Animalgirls
Yet More Anime Animalgirls
Fun with Magic
Transformation Spellbook
Pixie Milk
The Thorn
What's in my Bed?
Furry Boots
So much for mind reading...
Strange Books in the Library
True Notebook
Centaur and Harpy costumes
Jim's Herd
Furry Ninja
Animalizing Fairy
Sexual Lycanthropes
Magic Shop
The Magical Alley
Souvenier of the Farm
A growing tail
Monkey Paw
The New Sharon


Catgirl World
Final Fantasy Catgirl
Sabrina the Teen Witch Furry
Ranma's Haremizer
Nabiki spreads the Catgirl Curse
Rick changes Jamie into a Catgirl
Body Shaper Pills
The PC is used to make Nabiki a Catgirl
Wet Dream Gun: Catgirl Sharon Jim and a Goddess
Sharon has sex with a Tiger Man
Female Alicia + Male Cat = ?
Neko Invasion
Anime Catgirls
Lady or the Tiger?
Wishing Watch and the Jogger
Fetishland Zoo
Hermpires on the Prowl
Pussycat Elixir
Ultimate Appearance Changer
Goo Sharon tries to be a catgirl
Changeable Catgirl
Pokecat Misty
Jinx is a black cat
Witching Wand: Kitty Keiko
Kitty Key


Too much cow essence
Jim Changes Robin into a Cowgirl with his Computer
Sharon the Milk Maker
Richard Turns into a Cow
Works in virtual reality too...
Transformation Website
Jim and Robin start a herd
Udder Fixation
Tits like a Cow
Jim and his Giant Udder
Disturbing Realization
Jim and the Cowgirl
Sharon hides the Cowgirls
Christina Aguilera, cow form
Sprayed with Essence
Waking up from VR
Milking Time
Chocolate Milk
Too Much Male Hormone
Taste of the Farm
SRU Dairy Manager
Bathroom Routine
Don't have a Cow, Man
...But Jim Does
Jennifer the Cowgirl
Milk Cow Sharon
Fresh Milk
Callie the Cowgirl Herm
Cowgirl Jamie
Half Minotaur
Mythical Tanya
Magic Wand Revenge
Sharon and the Milkinator
It is cow day
Udder Calamity


Rick gets Changed into a Horse Guy/Girl/Other in a Tube
Hermpire Scientists
Automorph at school
Pony Panties
Eli turns into a Jackass
Sharon transfroms into what she Fucks
Alicia Automorphs herself into a satyr
Debbie becomes a Zebra Girl
Demi-horse Costume for Kelly
Satyr Sex
Sharon the Magician's Assistant
Making the costumes more "real"
Jem's Friends get Cursed
War of the nannites
Blended Demoness
Centaur Sharon and Jim's transformation
Dana the Centaur
Horse Play
Equine Beth
Jessy the Equine
Rock around the Clock


Magic at Boobco Castle
Rick gets kinky with a Wishing Wand
New Additions
Sharon grows 4 Breasts and More
Rick plays with People
Rick changes Jim into Sailor Mercury
Brenda plays with the Boys
Sarah sucks Milk and Changes
Jim drinks a potion...
Reborn Herms
Rick becomes sailor Jupiter
Two pair
Jim the Human Milking Machine
Jim becomes a BE Lady
Jasmine, +2
Miranda grows huge tits...
Don't Cheat on a Witch
Cheryl has the Remote
Shemale Beach
Alicia Automorphs herself into a Herm
Randy makes 4 legged gymnasts
The ring of 3
Sharon and Jim: weird clothes
New Universe Daily
MasterPC: Revenge
Sailor Sluts
Magic Underwear
Sharon v2.0
HHHS: The Sex Game
Yuna's Adventure
The Part Scrambler
Breast Salve
Mutant Land
The start of the Magic Wand
Sharon gets a new pair
Poisoned Robin
Naomi's Humiliation
Transform or Dare with a Breast Fetish
The Magic Wand Ballet
Kara's New Day (and Breasts)
Double the Pleasure
Jim Mutates
Monkey Paw Wishes
Magic Wand and Ballet
Sharon has strange dreams
Sean grows a (second) pair
An extra pair in Hill House
Magical Massage
Pentagram Beams
Hinata the hexapod


Becky becomes a Mermaid
The Mermaid Pool
Porpoise Dress


Bunnygirl Virus Spreads
Blackco Changes Sharon into a Bunnygirl
The Fur Genie and Jim
Ranma Bunnygirls
Sakura and the Combine card
Girlbunny machine in reverse
Right out of Playboy
Rabbit Time
Playboy Bunny Costume
Bunnies to Girls
Bunny Girl Daisy


Becky the Medusa
Robin Changes into a Sanke
Sandra Becomes a Serpent
Transformation Roulette
Draconic BJ
The Joy of Addons
Godzilla Heather
Kasumi the Naga


Sabrina the Teen Witch, Cat-taur
Richard Changes into a Cow-Taur
Centauress Rick
Richard, on Temptation Island, as a Taur/Fur
Richard makes all girls centauresses
Bizarre Taur...
Jim gets the Chair
Jenny becomes a Centaur
Sharon joins the Herd
Nurse Rick and Centaur Jim
Cowtaur Cherri
Transforming website
Evil Duplicates and Automorph
Transform or Dare in Centaur Form
Catty Revenge
Vixequitaur Genie
Centaur Suit


Richard Changes into a Herm Skunkette
All the girls in school become Skunkettes
Mostly Skunkess Cheerleader
Skunkette potion
Angela the Musky Herm


Hermpire Zoo
Pokewomen: Ash gets Changed into one.
Pokewomen: Ash Changes into one when Aroused
Richard gets a Transforming Furry
Princess Jasmine becomes a Bird/Ratgirl
Taro gets new curses
Spider Sharon
... and Spider Rick
Cindy becomes a dog from the waist down
Alicia goes Myth
A menagerie of one
Gargoyle Ring
Disney Garoyle Costumes
Ah! My Goddess PC
The Start of Hir Day
Transforming dog buscuit
Project Lizard
Tentacle Dragon
Ferret Sharon
A TRUE Chocobo Knight
Sharon the Harpy
A Bushy Tail
Caged Bird
Unicorn Heather
Rich's Fur Tags
Hermpire Foxes
Kiba the Bitch
Hinata the Bitch

Multiple, not expanded

Kinky Costumes
Billy gets Transformed
The Costume Box
Robin grows some new additions
Genetic Mutator
Even more costumes...
Richard really IS what he Ate
Furry Porno
More Breast Cream
Elephant Princess?
Tiger Jasmine, Herm?
Jasmine is Iago's fantasy?
Animal Genes
Strange Choices
More Random Changes
Rick is partly transformed